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finished basement in brighton michigan with custom kitchen and entertainment space

Rustic Basement Ideas from Floor to Ceiling


Rustic Basement Ideas from Floor to Ceiling

by Adam Jensen / April 22, 2021

finished basement in brighton michigan with custom kitchen and entertainment space

To be clear, when we say rustics basements, we aren't referring to gray concrete walls, cement floors, and minimal lighting.  We are hoping to step away from the dark, drab basements of the past. We are looking for upgrades with style with these rustic basement ideas. Rustic decor is derived from modern styles that inspire…

DIY Basement Finishing vs. Professional Contractors

by Adam Jensen / April 7, 2021

modern wood and metal basement design

You are finally ready to get started on finishing your basement. You are either a newer homeowner or a more seasoned homeowner that is just determined to make that next step. Are you fed up with the higher energy costs and the unpleasant look of your basement? Then, it's time to get to work! How…

What Does It Cost to Finish a Basement in Michigan?

by Adam Jensen / Updated: April 7, 2021

Northville, Michigan finished basement living room

One of the biggest hang-ups people have when it comes to remodeling their basement is the cost to finish a basement. It is such a hindrance that people don't finish the project or don't start altogether. The average cost to finish a basement starts around $30,000 and could cost over $200,000. At Finished Basement Plus,…

Finished Basement Laundry Room Ideas

by Adam Jensen / March 10, 2021

Possibly one of the simplest luxuries that can come with owning your own house is having your own washer and dryer. From using laundromats, apartment complexes with a simple stackable washer and dryer, or washer and dryer hook-ups to having your own washer and dryer in your own home, you have to admit it is…

Sports Basement Ideas to Showcase Your Teams

by Adam Jensen / February 22, 2021

sports bar in basement detroit style dark cabinets and granite

Are you ready for MARCH MADNESS?!?!?! Have you been thinking about a sports basement finishing project? Finished Basement Plus has been hard at work helping people to get their spaces prepared for both the past Super Bowl LV and the near future March Madness basketball (We won't ask which team you are rooting for this…

Cozy Basement Family Room Ideas (Even in Michigan Winters!)

by Adam Jensen / Updated: February 23, 2021

cozy basement living room with carpet and TV

Have you ever seen those magazines of the picturesque family sitting in front of a fireplace? They have a look of serenity on their faces and a cup of hot cocoa or cider in their hands, wrapped in assorted blankets. There may even be a family dog on the rug in front of the fireplace drifting…

Top 5 Basement Design Trends for 2021

by Adam Jensen / Updated: February 23, 2021

Northville, Michigan basement with warm and earthy tones and trends

You have finally finished your basement, or you are about to!! (Hopefully with the help of Finished Basements Plus *winks*) Congratulations!! You have put in the time, work, and effort to transform your once unfinished basement into a new, energy-efficient, blank canvas of a space that can become any room you want. There are several…

Basement Insulation Tips for Michigan Homes

by Adam Jensen / Updated: February 23, 2021

finished basements plus insulation integrity wall

Congratulations on the new home remodeling project!!! We at Finished Basement Plus know that this is no small milestone. Whether you are a new homeowner or a seasoned homeowner looking to make some updates to your basement, we are here to offer you as much information as possible to get the basement you want in…

Waterproof Your Basement Before You Finish

by Adam Jensen / Updated: February 23, 2021

waterproofing interior

If you have a one-story home with a full basement, then that basement represents a major portion of your home's usable space. The best way to make use of this space is to finish the basement into a new, comfortable living space. But like all home improvements, a little preparation beforehand can go a long…

How Do You Build a Basement Man Cave?

by Adam Jensen / Updated: February 24, 2021

Clarkston, Michigan man cave basement

Create that one of a kind space you have always wanted by designing a basement man cave. Has there always been a missing space in your home? Your kids have taken over the living room and your dining room is being used for home schooling? You need a place to simply relax and entertain family…