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Amy’s Blog Series: Punch Out Phase


Amy’s Blog Series: Punch Out Phase

In Basement Remodeling by Amy Iverson / August 1, 2019

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We are in the “Punch Out” phase of our project.  This is where it all comes together. Our project manager told us he had it all under control and it turns out he did. Seems like a slow couple of weeks as details are being tended too and making sure all contract items are installed.  But this time period is important, as these are the nitty-gritty items you will be looking at all the time and you (and FBP) want your basement to look perfect.

Steve Marco (Project Manager) had a list of items that he planned to get done when the time was right. Items like, drywall spotting, paint touch ups, door hardware installation, adjusting cabinet doors/drawers, etc. These “little” loose ends really put the finishing touches on a great basement finish.  Also, while the punch out is being done final inspections are taking place, all approved,  green tags! 🙂

Why is there “punch out”?

Typically, the end of the project is when a lot of the little details are tended too in order to perfect, the finished basement.  Finished Basements Plus has a four page punch list to review throughout the job.  That way when we get to the end of the project there shouldn’t be any surprises.  Our goal is to have zero items on the punch list when we meet for our final orientation. To reach this goal the project manager is always looking over the job and creating the punch list throughout the project.

What types of items are on a “punch list”? 

As mentioned before most of the punch out happens at the end of the job.  At Finished Basements Plus, we have a four page check list to inspect for quality and completeness before we meet for our final orientation with the owner.

Examples include:

Any visible drywall joints?

Is there adequate paint coverage?

Are holes for light fixtures overcut? Are there gaps in the drywall around outlets?

Any cracks around windows and doors?

Egress window opens without dragging on sill.

Hardware is installed an lined up properly.

Any scratches or dents in cabinets?

Check railing for any loose components.

Test the sump pump

Walk Through Orientation: 

At the end of the project the Project Manager will walk through the basement with the homeowner to explain how mechanical items work, what to do if there is ever a water event, and any special care instructions.  At this time if a punch out item is pointed out, it will be added to the punch out list.  The job is considered complete when the homeowner and contractor agree that all items in the contract are complete and all punch out items are complete.

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