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Amy’s Series: Painting Phase


Amy’s Series: Painting Phase

In Basement Remodeling by Amy Iverson / June 13, 2019

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Looking Like a Finished Basement!

A lot has happened since the last video.  The drywall is up, cabinets are installed, the trim & doors are installed, the barn wood and barn door are hung and the floor is laid. It is looking good!  I love seeing all the selections come together and so happy that the colors and textures work together.

Drywall Mess

I was very concerned about the mess at the the drywall phase and it wasn’t as messy as I thought it would be.  The dustiest day was when it was hung and not the sanding like I thought it would be.

We believe the Stack Effect caused the upstairs to get super dusty when the guys where cleaning after the drywall was hung.  The front door was open to remove garbage, a basement window was open to load material and the logistics crew was sweeping drywall dust in the basement.  This wind tunnel created the perfect storm for a cloud of dust upstairs 🙁   I spent a couple hours cleaning upstairs and after that it was light dust that I expected thought the project.

Oh! A trick to help keep the dust down; we put cheese cloth in the registers upstairs.  And it works great.  When I removed the cheese cloth after construction I was shocked at how much dust had collected on them.  I had to remove carefully because the dust was fluffing into the air.

Have Owner Supplied Materials Onsite!

Final mechanicals are being installed next week, so I need to have my owner supplied lights onsite for the electrician to install.  (Note: If the electrician or plumber need to come back because the fixtures you are supplying are not onsite, you will be invoiced a trip charge.)  Back in January I ordered my lights for the bar, laundry, bathroom and stairway.  After ordering and returning three different lights for the stairway I was still frantically looking for a light, so I was running to Home Depot the night before the electrician was coming.  I got lucky that I found just what I wanted. Oh yeah, don’t forget the light bulbs.



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