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Amy’s Series: Cleaning Out Basement


Amy’s Series: Cleaning Out Basement

In Basement Remodeling by Amy Iverson / May 23, 2019

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So construction is going to start soon. I need to get the construction site cleaned up and ready for the crew.  I have a few options to explore when deciding what to do with my “stuff” while they’re working in the basement for a couple months.

Options for cleaning out the basement: 

  1. Donate unwanted items to Purple Heart or a new favorite is Humble Design.  Check out their website for household items they accept.
  2. Garbage/Dumpster: When in doubt, through it out.
  3. I have seen some families use formal living rooms, dining rooms and their garage to store boxes and smaller items during construction.
  4. If you don’t have much space upstairs you can order a POD to store your items.  This has worked well for many families.
  5. Large items like workout equipment or a pool table are a pain to work around.  Customers have had companies come and pick up large items and store them out of the way and bring them back when the basement is finished.
  6. Leave items in designated area of basement.  If your storage room is big enough, your project manager will help define a space in the basement to keep items during construction.  Per your blue print, you can store items in what will be your new storage room.  This only works if the electrician, plumber and mechanical contractors can still access the electrical box and water meter.  So it can’t be stuffed full around the mechanicals.

NOTE:  If you have any concern that your items could get damaged or dusty, it’s best to get it out of the basement.  The crew takes precaution to be kind and clean, but can’t guarantee that nothing will happen.

What we chose to do:

We do not have a lot of large items to get out of the way, just a lot of boxes.  We did get rid of items by giving some items to family and friends.  Some our items went in the garbage and others were donated.  I did take some luggage and winter attire up to a bedroom because I knew I would want them while we were under construction.  Per our blue print we have two large storage rooms.  In one we built storage shelves according to the plan and put everything on the shelves and covered with painters plastic.  I did tape and tuck the plastic to keep dust from getting in them.

This did work well.  When uncovering everything you have to take it off slow and roll into it-self, as the dust that did settle will fluff into the air.

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