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Read This Before You Create A Home Theater!


Read This Before You Create A Home Theater!

In Design Tips & Tricks by Adam Jensen / March 5, 2019

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Thinking about creating a home theater space in your home? Have you thought about how much space you may need to have for optimal viewing distance? Depending on the size of your TV you may need more space than you think to have the optimal view of the screen. For HDTVs, a good practice is to make the viewing distance 1-1/2 and 2-1/2 times the size of the screen diagonal.

Screen SizeViewing distance range for 1080p HDTV’s
40″5.0-8.3 feet
43″5.4-9 feet
50″6.3-10.4 feet
55″6.9-11.5 feet
60″7.5-12.5 feet
65″8.1-13.5 feet
70″8.75-14.6 feet
75″9.4-15.6 feet
80″10.0-16.7 feet
85″10.6-17.7 feet

While you are working on the design for your new home theater, keep these distances in mind so you can have the best space possible. If you are looking to create a home theater in your basement give us a call! We work out of Commerce, Troy, Farmington and surrounding areas.

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