bond insulation in ceiling joists in basement

Amy’s Series: Ready For Construction


Amy’s Series: Ready For Construction

In Basement Remodeling by Amy Iverson / May 30, 2019

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Measure Meeting:

Now that we have made our color and material selections, our project is almost ready for production.  Next we will be meeting with our Project Manager, Steve Marco.  At this meeting the plan dimensions will be verified, ceiling details will be discussed,  and look for cracks that could be issues.  We will also confirm how the crew will be entering the home, how the online calendar works, and other “house keeping” items.  All this information is reported back to the project developers to finalize the plans for production.  We will then be asked to sign off/approve the plan before construction begins.

Note: on the first day of construction we did have a leak in the basement 🙁   We discovered that there was ice damning, so once we got that corrected the leak went away.

Bond Insulation:

We choose to get rid of the existing fiberglass insulation and install bond insulation.  The polystyrene bond insulation is a way better insulator than fiberglass and keeps the air cleaner.

Prepare Job for Construction:

The logistics team was here to deliver materials for the rough carpentry.  They laid runners from the front door to the basement door, so the crew knew right where to walk when they come in. This also helps keep the job site cleaner.  I did vacuum every night to keep the dust and construction foot prints from getting into other rooms.  I love to vacuum and I expected to see some dust, so vacuuming the runner wasn’t a big deal for me.

Basement is clean and ready for construction:

My storage shelves are built and I spent a few hours putting my boxes on the shelves and covering with painters plastic to keep the dust off of them.  I have everything out of the work area.  It’s looking good.  Man my back hurt for a week after this chore.

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