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Amy’s Series: Selection Meeting 1 of 2


Amy’s Series: Selection Meeting 1 of 2

In Basement Remodeling by Amy Iverson / May 9, 2019

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Part 1 – What happens in a selection meeting

After you sign the proposal, the next step is meeting with your Project Developer.  Pam and Chelsea were our Project Developers and were great in helping us with plan details and color selections. They made the selection process fun and stress free as we worked through all the details.


Part 2 – How Our Selection Meeting Went

The cabinet plan was easy, it was a simple layout, so we spent most of our time on our ceiling detail and layout.  This was very important to us, we know that a great ceiling plan will help define spaces within a wide open floor plan. We were able to create a ceiling plan that hides the structural beams, while making the ceiling plan look purposeful. Once the ceiling plan was done we completed the electrical layout.

Because we spent and hour and a half on the ceiling and electrical layout and Pam and I have run out of time today, we will have to meet again to make color selections.

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