white painted ceiling in finished basement

Amy’s Series: White Painted Ceiling vs. Black Painted Ceiling


Amy’s Series: White Painted Ceiling vs. Black Painted Ceiling

In Basement Remodeling, Design Tips & Tricks by Amy Iverson / June 28, 2019

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When I told my project manager about my choice to paint the laundry room ceiling white he was concerned I may not be happy with the outcome.  He warned me that I would see all the imperfections of the wood (splinters, wires, caulk, etc.)  I didn’t mind this, as I was going for a light whimsy feel and did not want black.

In the exercise room we chose a black ceiling.  It’s funny that in here I was concerned with seeing the caulk from insulating the bond, seeing gaps, wires etc.  I was reassured that with the black ceiling all my concerns will just disappear in the background and I won’t see or notice the ceiling and he was right.  Myself and guests don’t even notice the black ceiling because your eye goes to walls and stuff in the room.  On the contrary, the white ceiling is very noticeable and my Aunt was wondering why I didn’t finish my ceiling 🙂

The internet is full of photos and ceiling color ideas.  I have seen dark gray, navy blue, greens; and all are really cool.  Decide what your theme will be and check out a lot of photos online to help come up with ideas and get creative.  A basement is a place where you can have fun.  It’s a blank slate to do what ever you want.

White Painted Ceiling Pros and Cons:

Pros: Light and Airy

Cons: Can see every detail of the wood, wires, caulk, splinter, wording on the lumber, looks unfinished.

Black Painted Ceiling Pros and Cons:

Pros: Looks finished.  All the details hide into the background and you don’t notice the caulk, splinters and such with the dark ceiling.

Cons: Gives you an industrial look, if this is not what you are going for.

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